What You Leave Behind, When You Leave Your Church!

*This is still an unfinished message/thought but wanted to share with you quickly some things you leave behind, when you leave your church in the wrong manner. Yet also wanted to give some thoughts when to leave and how to go about it!*

What You Leave Behind, When You Leave Your Church:

1. Saints
2. Support
3. Sermons
4. Servants
5. Sin
6. Service
7. Sinners

Why To Leave:

1. Death
2. Rapture
3. Moving out of the area IN the Lord’s Will.
4. If the Gospel is not being declared.
5. If the Commission of Christ is not being carried out.
6. If the preacher practices that should disqualify him.
7. Doctrinal heresy goes uncorrected.
8. If the church does not practice New Testament Christianity; A church without a burden, a vision, any action toward evangelizing the lost.
9. People problems, were members live in known sin, and no church disciple is ever administered.
10. If a church is not fundamental in it’s belief and separatist in its practices.

Why Not To Leave A Church:

Over hurt feelings. Lack of nice buildings. Programs YOU think a church has to have but doesn’t. Grudges with other Christians. Pet peeves. Because of personality clashes. Differences of opinions. Disagreement with methods.

*FEW EVER leave because of doctrine or Bible issues!*

How To Leave A Church Correctly:

1. Consult and confide in your pastor! You want him any other time; why not this major time of decision? This includes going to your pastor first – not another! Waiting to make a decision until after you’ve asked for his advice; whether it results in rejection or approval! If you value his advice and counsel during your stay in the church then don’t call him you’ve already made your decision. Lastly, when you know what your pastor’s counsel will be ahead of time and don’t ask for it; yet still decide without it; then you’ve humiliated the pastor, your under-shepherd, making him question, “Of what value am I?”

*If your leaving is scriptural; your wanting his blessing will be needful and blissful to you!*

2. When you leave scriptually and blissfully find quickly another Independent, Fundamental, Bible Believing, Bible Preaching, Soul Winning, Separated to God, Baptist Church! Remember those who were your friend by praying for them and that church that had a spiritual impact upon your life. Finally, leave in a way that an open door is for you to come back. Leave with a good word on your lips for the church; rather tan a bad moth that could hinder the future.

*LISTEN; and LEARN, and don’t take lightly, the things you leave behind, when you leave a church!*
*Leave it right; and you’ll be rightly blessed!*

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