From Bus Kid To Preacher Man!

The following is intended to be a “Letter of Recommendation” for Brother Robert Nacci.  Let me tell you about quote “Recommendations” from experience. Most of the time they are given out too freely and not-so-honestly! I even know of individuals who were basicly fired from employment, YET, the firing employer stated to the fired employee…”I’ll give you a letter of recommendation if you need one”!  Hey! If the employer is willing to give a letter of recommendation to the one he fires, why not keep this quote “valued employee”?  My point…beware of letters of recommendation as no one wants to offend anyone!

BUT…now here comes MY honest truth…I can honestly, excitedly, fervently, recommend Robert Nacci to be licensed even later ordained into the preaching, pastoral ministry!  Some would think, “Well it really doesn’t matter what man says about an individual, it’s only what God knows!”  Not so as a minister is to have an honest report before man, saved and unsaved!  While it must be God the Holy Spirit Who calls one into the ministry, fellow saints & church leaders, need to lend their endorsement!

Enough dissertation!  Robert Nacci!  From sometimes a bus kid who we had to prod, bug, sometimes drag onto the bus or van for church, to NOW, a preacher man you can’t keep out of the pulpit!  What a dramatic change and growth attributed to God in Robert’s life!  Many have made “professions” but few display the inner “possession” of Jesus Christ’s presence! “What a wonderful change has been wrought in my life since Jesus came into my heart!”

What a blessing it was to see Robert saved and gloriously growing into conformity to Jesus Christ!  I still have on paper, the copy of  probably Robert’s 1st message!  I’ve listened to his seasoned preaching, in fact, have included his messages on my website!  He’s sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading!  Has a genuine burden for lost souls, and, goes after them to win them!  Oh, I could go on and on honestly, yet if Robert gets too big of a head, he’ll want an honorary doctorate degree! Robert, my wife and I love you!  We’ll love you and your new bride one day!  We love to see you going on for Jesus Christ while so many are caught-up in this world’s allurements and attractions.

Robert, stay humble, for that’s the quickest way to the top to be exalted by Jesus Christ!  Stay filled with the Holy Spirit and preach only after you’ve asked for His empowerment! Stay faithful to your calling!  Be loyal to your bride to be!  And preach to please God even to the criticism of man!  I’ve often quoted Leonard Ravenhill: “What does it matter who I please IF I offend the Lord! What does it matter who I offend IF I please the Lord”  Always preach The Word for the conviction of the Holy Spirit in man and not for man’s entertainment or appeasement!

So…Do I recommend Robert Nacci for the ministry? Without hesitation or reservation…I DO!  Soon you’ll be saying “I DO” but for now just BE who God wants you to be and DO what God wants you to do!  Lighthouse!  License him!  Ordain him! Turn him loose and watch him be used of God!

Your Friends in Christ,
Roger and Janice Hickernell

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