Youth Ministry Report – 2013

Lighthouse Baptist Church
2400 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

It continues to be an honor, privilege, and joy of working with the Youth Ministry of Lighthouse Independent Baptist Church! No matter the setbacks faced, it has been nothing short of a blessing! Youth Ministry is never the act of one person and I offer a heartfelt thanks to any and all that had/have a part in this work! God has blessed us here at Lighthouse with a number of people that have a heart for youth!

2013 was a blessed year for the Youth Ministry here at Lighthouse. We continued with the curriculum from Sword of the Lord for our Wednesday night King’s Kids. For our Sunday School classes, we used a combination of material from Positive Action for Christ for King’s Kids and Striving Together Publications for the Teen Class.

In March, as part of our Spring push we held a special Resurrection Sunday program for the children in which we had 23 children attend including a new family of 5 that was the result of visitation! Each child was given an “Easter Basket” for attending!

In July, as part of our Summer push we held our first Vacation Bible School here at Lighthouse in a number of years and what a success it was! We saw 22 kids enrolled, 6 new kids attend, 6 saved, and $131.61 collected for our VBS Missionary, Crystal Buegel! We had 16 kids on Monday, 17 on Tuesday, 18 on Wednesday, 19 on Thursday, and 19 on Friday! On that Sunday, we held our VBS Closing Ceremony where the children sung for the church and awards were handed out.

In September and October, as part of our Fall push King’s Kids and Sunday School resumed where practice began for the Annual Missions Conference in which the children had a part for the entire weekend. On Saturday, we saw 2 of our boys attend the Men’s Breakfast, 2 of our girls attend the Ladies’ Tea, and 1 of our boys attend the special Youth Night with Pastor Dennis Higgins Sr. of Harbor Baptist Church. This Youth Night was a tremendous success as well with 4 other churches attending and many teens being challenged to share their faith! On Missions Conference Sunday, the children once again sang for the church and attended the Conference dinner. We had 16 children attend with Larry Aquilino and Rhoda Yushinski teaching.

Also in September, to increase attendance in our King’s Kids class, we moved the Sunday School start time to 11:00 AM for this class with one combined Jr. Church Sunday School. Compared to 2012, an increase in attendance has been noted. While there is always room for improvement, I am very happy with the results produced from this move thus far. As of the writing of this report, we have had 13 scheduled classes (1st Quarter) since September with only 2 weeks where we had no kids at all. One of these weeks was because both Mrs. Kerr and I were out sick so there was no teacher to cover the class so the children were not brought in. In November the children were taught a lesson on Thanksgiving and we saw 5 children ask Jesus to be their Saviour! We are currently well into our 2nd Quarter of 2013-2014 and have yet to not have a Sunday where we have not had any kids or Sunday School Class, Praise the Lord!

In December, as part of our Winter push, the children began learning the Christmas story and for our Christmas program this year, the children baked cookies for the Voice of Victory Prison Ministry in Delaware. This was our second major project this year behind our Missionary Offering during VBS. Some of the children wanted to expand the project to our area, so cookies were also baked for the Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission here in Philadelphia. For the second year, we again asked members of the church to take a child and buy a gift for them. This was once again a success and our prayer is that this will help you to know each child better and to serve as a reminder to pray for the child that you chose. To God be the Glory, many of you have done just that and have kept up with your child during the year sending cards and talking with them at various times when they come in for church! That is great, keep it up!

Two new teachers were also added as backups to myself and Mrs. Kerr in the event either of us are not able to be here. This is but a glimpse of what went on this year in the Youth Ministry here at Lighthouse but with 11 children saved, 11 new children attending, 2 new teachers added, and the children learning the importance of loving others and sharing Jesus with them, words really cannot express how wonderful of a year 2013 was! The children have been a blessing and love being here and want to learn about God and His Word! We truly are seeing God move and work! We have been truly blessed by God this year and all of the Glory, Honor, and Praise go to Him and Him alone for what He has done and will continue to do! I think I speak for all of the youth leaders when I say; it is a humbling honor that God would use us for such an awesome ministry!

2014 will prayerfully, see much more happen within all of our Youth Ministries here at Lighthouse including but not limited to holding another VBS this Summer, starting a new weekly Summer program once a week during the day based around Legos entitled “Under Construction” with the theme verse being Nehemiah 2:20 which states “we his servants will arise and build,” and starting an after school program to help the children with their school work.

I look forward whole heartedly to the work God can do through us and for the children and teenagers of Philadelphia in this coming year! May God be given all the glory and praise for any work or success this local ministry may have in this area of ministering to our youth!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Nacci
Youth Director

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