Media Ministry Report – 2013

Lighthouse Baptist Church
2400 South Broad Street
Philadelphia, PA 19145

Saturday, January 25, 2014


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ,

2013 was a good year for the Media Ministry here at Lighthouse! Please allow the following to serve as a brief overview of all that occurred within this ministry in 2013.

  • Our church website had a good year traffic wise with 15,780 unique visitors (new visits to the site, an increase of 3,149 over 2012) for an average of 1,315 new visitors to the site per month (an increase of 263 over 2012) and a total of 47,729 overall visits (an increase of 9,263 over 2012) for an average of 3,997 total visitors (an increase of 792 over 2012) per month! Our top countries for visits were the United States, Russia, China, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Romania, Germany, and Finland!
  • Other countries included the Netherlands, Great Britain, Canada, Japan, France, South Korea, the Philippines, Italy, Australia, Singapore, South Africa, Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, India, Israel, Poland, Malaysia, Brazil, Ireland, Kuwait, Fiji, United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong, Thailand, Jamaica, and Bulgaria averaging between 1 and 60 visitors per country!
  • We saw over 3,000 downloads of various media files (audio sermons, video sermons, and special music)! A full breakdown of each download can be found at the end of this report.
  • We experimented with a Church App for the Android Operating System; however it was not well received so support for this app was discontinued as of December 31, 2013.
  • The church has a Facebook “fan page” (489 “likes”) and a Twitter page (152 “followers”) for friends and members of the ministry to receive updates. We also have a FaithStreet and Baptist Info page so that those on vacation and visitors can find us when searching for a church to attend! Links to these pages can be found on the homepage of our website.
  • The website was continued to be updated with Church bulletins, monthly memory verses, audio, and video services were added weekly to the site in 2013. Other periodic updates included From the Pastor’s Desk blogs, photos from events, and other smaller updates.
  • The sermon section of the website was of comfort to some of our shut-ins as they were able to access and hear the weekly services. Our services were also recorded on CD and made available to those that requested a copy.
  • Goals for 2014 include but are not limited to relocating the Sound System from the front of the church to a more traditional setup in the back of the church, adding Internet capabilities for Live Streaming of all Church Services, Upgrading the Missionary Board in the lobby, looking into the desire for a professionally done Church App, and a new Photo Directory for our 205th Anniversary.

Audio Sermon Stats for 2013:


Player Downloads

Podcast Downloads

Total Downloads





Video Sermon Stats for 2013:


Player Downloads

Podcast Downloads

Totals Downloads





Special Music Stats for 2013:


Player Downloads

Podcast Downloads

Totals Downloads





Total Media Stats for 2013:


Player Downloads

Podcast Downloads

Totals Downloads





  • A full report with individual titles, dates, and stats are available upon request.

We will continue to update the site and pages on a weekly basis in 2014 while also looking forward to what God can do with the Media Ministry here at Lighthouse! We will use the tools God has given us and look to add more to further His cause and work! May God bless all that we do for His honor and glory!

Respectfully Submitted,

Robert Nacci
Media Ministry

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One thought on “Media Ministry Report – 2013

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    Best of all, you can write notes even without wifi connection.
    Apple recently teased reporters with invites to the
    October 4th announcement that read “Let’s Talk, i – Phone,”
    so it looks like the rumors are true.

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