John Calvin vs The World: The Man Part 2

Great followup to my earlier post entitled “Guess What Calvinist? “Whosoever” Really Means “Whosoever”

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Symbiosis with Geneva

To speak of John Calvin is to speak of the Switzerland city of Geneva, one of the greatest symbiotic relationships in history. Even though Calvin himself was somewhat irritated and embarrassed by this relationship, he could not deny it. He complained that people were ill-informed when they attributed the actions of the Genevan city council to him personally. However, a certain number of his ideas seemed to have had Geneva in mind while being developed. So it could easily be construed that Geneva had as much of an influence on Calvin as Calvin had on Geneva.

Geneva – The First Period

On July 15, 1536, after settling remaining family affairs in France due to the allowance of the Edict of Coucy, Calvin set off for Strasbourg to leave behind the perils of the country he called home. Unfortunately, the direct road to Strasbourg was threatened by the…

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