Guess What Calvinist? “Whosoever” Really Means “Whosoever”

For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. John 3:16

According to the Calvinist, John 3:16’s definition of the words “world” and “whosoever’ does not really mean “world” and “whosoever”. They say if you go according to the Greek, the verse reads as follows:

“For God so loved those He predestinated, that He gave His only child, so that they would not perish, but have everlasting life.”

Well, let’s look at the Greek for ourselves, shall we?

World – the Greek the word is kosmos and it can have one of a large number of meanings including the human inhabitants of the earth, the ungodly masses who are hostile to God and His word.

But since it has other meanings, for the word “world” to indeed mean every person that lives in this world, it must fit the whole context of the verse and passage! Let’s continue:

Whosoever – This certainly refers to everyone as the Greek word is “ho” (this short, masculine word, includes two other words, the feminine he and the neuter to). Yet it’s meaning is not clear so we must look at the very next word, “believeth”.

Believeth here means to place trust in, or to be persuaded by. In the New Testament the word is used to refer to those who trust in the Lord Jesus Christ. It can be trust in salvation, or in facts, or in any other thing. We can say then that ‘believeth’ means to trust in the salvation given through Jesus Christ.

Now, when both terms are together – “world” and “whosoever believeth” we see that they mean “those who believe”.

So, after all the running around to the Greek and back again to prove that God predestinated some to heaven and others to hell, the Calvinist proves that indeed those who believe, which is whosoever will, will not perish but have everlasting life! John 3:16 means indeed what it says when it says Whosoever Will!

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4 thoughts on “Guess What Calvinist? “Whosoever” Really Means “Whosoever”

  1. willeng2surv

    I’m currently doing a series on Calvinism. It’s becoming quite the problem.

    • Robert Nacci

      It really is Brother! And sadly not only a problem but many are falling for it!

  2. willeng2surv

    No doubt. Thanks for the repost – we definitely need to get the word out. So many churches in my area are falling apart because of this issue. Usually split right down the middle.

  3. ran

    john 3:16 begins with the conjunction gar which is an introduction to an explanation so john3:16 is not a salvation offer its an explanation to what he is talking about. john calvin in his commentary on john does NOT develop the word kosmos but i think else maybe in his work on eph. he understands kosmos as all with out distinction with the idea of all types which suggest the Gospel will be effective, SO everywhere men can be saved regardless of their culture. “that” is the purpose clause ina Christ died with the purpose of saving. the “whosoever ” is actually 2 words pas ho , pas is the adjective all and ho is the article to the word believe , oops which is a participle . the purpose of the giving of the SON is to save all the ones that are believing /trusting or depending on the SON. All the great preachers were calvinist (minus the wesley bros.) edwards ,whitefield (<great wakening) spurgeon, flavel , watson , sibbes , owen , carey , bunyan , boston ,newton, warfield , henry , gill , hodge , livingston.

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