You Really Are A Youth Worker If…

Earlier today, I posted some funny “You Know You’re a Youth Worker If…” jokes on my facebook and twitter pages. While they were no doubt funny and perhaps even a bit true, being in Youth Ministry is about much more than games, retreats, and pizza! Allow me to share with you some things that ought to be evident in your life if your ministry is indeed one to young people. These were sent to me a while ago by a friend and have been a blessing and encouragement in my own life and ministry. I pray and hope they are to you as well!

You Really Are A Youth Worker If…

You strive to live an authentic Christian life before the teens and the church at all times.

You set aside a specific time for a devotional period with God each day.

You pay extra attention to the obnoxious teens in your group.

You prepare every Bible class and devotional to meet the needs of your group.

You can admit when you are wrong.

You are able to laugh at yourself…because others will.

You visit the sick no matter their age.

You strive to be holy as God is holy.

You hold the hand of those you visit as you pray. You may never forget their shaking hand, and they will never forget your gentle heart.

You sit with the elderly ladies occasionally at after service lunches and make them laugh.

You visit the youth group members at their homes.

You provide planned activities for spiritual growth.

You smile a lot and have a ton of fun. Just because others dislike their work does not mean you have to hide the love for yours.

You send your spouse a card if your trip lasts more than three days.

You bring a gift back from a trip to your family. Especially if it is a place they really wanted to go.

You leave your office door open so teens can drop in for unexpected visits.

You let your family know that they are more important than the youth group.

You always express your true feelings about youth group problems, and you let the youth group work them out.

You allow the teens to discover biblical truth for themselves.

You pray that every teen will mature and grow closer to God.

You are available for the needs of your group twenty-four hours a day.

You fall deeper in love with Jesus daily.

You go into all the world to teach the gospel (whether across the street or across the ocean.)

You do not expect your biological children to be perfect because of your position.

You pray for each coworker and youth group member as often as possible.

You do not believe that bigger events are always better events. You know that small group activities are often the best relationship builders.

You talk less and listen more.

You use your talents for God’s glory.

You back away from your ministry a few days each month to recharge your batteries…Jesus did.

You try to be all God wants you to be, where He wants you to be – even if you do not understand why.

You have a contagious passion for Christ.

You continue to dream.

You believe in the kids that everyone else has given up on.

You seek to learn something new everyday that will help your ministry.

You rely on the Father to guide your life rather than plotting your own course.

You become more like Jesus each day.

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