God’s Will for Your Life

Romans Chapter 12

God’s Will! For a Christian young person, there sometimes is no greater mystery than that of knowing God’s will for your life! A few thoughts regarding God’s will as we begin.

First, God’s will can be known! Secondly, God’s will must be pursued! Romans 12:2 – that ye may prove! Thirdly, you should be found progressing in the will of God! Fourthly, God’s will is always spoken of in the present tense. It is something we do today! Not something we hope for tomorrow!

Now that we know about God’s will, the question remains how do we and can we know God’s will for our lives! According to our text here in Romans Chapter 12, knowing God’s will requires a few things on our part as Christians. Knowing God’s will for your life;

1. Requires Salvation (Romans 12:1)
2. Requires Dedication (Romans 12:1)
3. Requires Separation (Romans 12:2)
4. Requires Transformation (Romans 12:2)
5. Requires Service (Romans 12:3-8)
6. Requires Living A Good Christian Life (Rom. 12:9-21)

This is how we know God’s will, step by step! The Christian life is not a leap but a walk, a growth! Are you growing? Do you know God’s will for your life or are you still in search?

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